I’m blogging! I’m flipping BLOGGING!

So this is ‘blogging’ huh? I feel as though I should be wearing a space helmet or something. It’s a brave new world…

I should have started doing this sooner, for two reasons really. Firstly, because I could’ve convinced Big Jim (the hubster) that it’s ‘work’, kinda, and so a legitimate reason for neglecting the ironing pile. Secondly, because since writing my debut novel, Since You’ve Been Gone, for Mills & Boon back in March, I’ve missed slogging it out over the laptop.

I like to write, like I like to talk. Some of it will make sense, some of it may be carp (yes, carp…my son spells swear words out when he wants to run a new one past us, and he said it’s definitely spelled c-a-r-p) but hopefully some of it will be worth reading, and so writing, and so ignoring the pile of ironing.

At least until it blots out the sun, completely…  :¬)Image

3 thoughts on “I’m blogging! I’m flipping BLOGGING!

  1. Wondering if you could blog about your journey to getting published. As a writer wannabe myself w/ an as yet unpublished women’s fiction novel and a mounting pile of polite rejections, I would apprecate anything you’ve found helpful on your journey. Good Luck w/ your book.

    • Hey Running1! Sorry for delayed response, I definitely will blog about the whole journey so far, as unconventional as it’s probably been! I’m just flat out for the next couple of weeks, but I’m on it. And thanks for the good luck vibes, greatly appreciated :¬)

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