‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ is going Stateside!


What a beaut! My first ever novel (!) all dressed up in a new outfit and ready for a jaunt across the pond July 2014! Is this how it feels to see your firstborn, all grown up and ready for prom? I think so! Sniffle.


4 thoughts on “‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ is going Stateside!

  1. I’ve just received an advance copy–sort of a mistake, as I’m not reviewing anymore, but Oh. My. Gawd! I can’t put it down. It’s lovely and heartbreaking and swooney, and I’m coming out of reviewer retirement just to talk about this brilliant book, which I can’t stop reading, yet, don’t want to end. I’ll stop now.

    • Really?! Amy, thank you soooo much! I can’t tell you how much that means to someone who has a bit of an ostrich-like approach to review reading!
      Amazing that you enjoyed it, even more amazing that you’ve taken the time to say so. Thanks a bloody million :¬))))) x

  2. Valentina says:

    Hi, Anouska. I read this book in 48 hours or less, and, what can I say? I LOVED!!! It made me laugh, and I was almost crying. Please, please don’t stop writting. I’ve read just one book written by you but I know you have so much talent, and you can inspire so many people that loves reading and writting (like me). Thanks so much for this nook, it was a happy reading, absolutely. Lots of good vibes from a very distant country (Chile).


  3. Sofie says:

    Hi! I really love this book. I live on gran canaria temporary now and I just had nothing to read. I went to buy a book and I just saw yours and it looked interesting. I went home and started reading the first thing I did and I was in love with it just some seconds later. I look forward to read your next book. I just wondered, do you think your novel maybe will be a movie in the future? I would love to see this story turning into a movie aswell. Thank you so much, I will recommed you to my friends and family!

    Love, Sofie (From Sweden)

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