A Part Of Me – Playlist


If music be the food of…


Late late nights?

Fervent finger-tapping?

Tears of frustration at those chapters that JUST. WON’T. COME. TOGETHER?

Well play on anyway, I say!

In celebration of today’s release date of A Part Of Me, thought I’d share the choonage that kept me company, and sane, while I thrashed it out writing this second book of mine. When the creative flow was more of a trickle, these babies helped smooth things along. I’ve even ordered them so they kind of suit the tempo of Amy’s journey through the book. Howzat for thinking? Sometimes, I astound myself.

Books aside, I for one dig a soundtrack. School days, that first romance, the album your kid used to sing along to in the back of the car before they were even talking properly… those days all have their own soundtrack.

Ocean Colour Scene transport me straight back to the college common room, David Bowie likes to kick up fond memories of Glasto and Morcheeba take me straight back to the sounds of Summer ’99 and that dubious pilgrimage to a campsite somewhere north of the border.

So here’s the playlist for my time writing over the last six months. Today will be the last day I listen to it, because I need to find a new playlist to take me onward to the next few chapters of my year. A third book, and third child… it’s gonna be a good soundtrack :¬) x


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