Vlogging… Am I doing this right?


So I’m attempting a venture into the mindboggling world of vlogging, y’all! I kinda feel like I should, everyone else is. Apparently it’s the thing now to share share share, so I’m doing it too. Albeit with less than sophisticated camera equipment and a dodgy Midlander accent. (My mouth opens, Ozzy Osbourne’s in the bluddy house, Sharrrron)

The main reason I’m giving it a bash is that there’s so much going on around here these days, I’d like the chance to reflect on it later on. My monsters are growing up fast, throwing all sorts of joy and headaches our way, I’m settling into my new life as a writer and, the event that’s eclipsing them all at the moment, my sister Mena’s cancer has returned with gusto. In fact, as I write this, she’s at the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham waiting to be told whether or not the new chemo mix they’re trying is performing the miracle we need it to. The last mix didn’t, the tumour in her lung had doubled in size within a week after her first chemo cycle. Which more than sucks. Because we all love her, and need her a lot. So today is going to be a big one.

See, lots happening around here. And while life’s speeding on, I’m gonna try and catch the odd bit of it on tape. Accent and all x


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