A bit about the books I’ve written…

Since You've Been Gone

Since You’ve Been Gone

The one that started it all! Since You’ve Been Gone is the book that won me my publishing deal on UK national television, thanks to ITV Lorraine and publishing giants, Mills & Boon.

A story about young widow Holly as she learns to live, and love, again while safely carrying the memory of her husband, Charlie.


A Part of Me

After years of trying, Amy Alwood and James Coffrey have finally been accepted into the adoption process. At long last they are going to get their ‘happy ever after’. And then it all starts to fall apart. Amy throws herself into her work for the distraction, her new client Rohan Bywater is certainly keeping her on her toes. He’s frustrating, lives on the edge… and she can’t stop thinking about him. Rohan’s very clear on one thing though: kids are not part of his future.


Letting You Go

A lapse in concentration. A tragic accident. A lifetime of guilt.

Can you ever leave the past behind…?

Alex Foster has spent years away from her home town and the people she left there, trying not to inflict herself upon the family she let down. Now she must return and face a past full of ghosts, and a family full of secrets.


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