Yo! So here's where you can grab a copy of my latest book... but only if you want to :)

Hey! So here’s where you can grab a copy of my latest book… but only if you want to :¬)

And here is where you can read a bit more about them…


4 thoughts on “Books

  1. Niki Johnson says:

    Have just finished Since You’ve Been Gone !!! What a fab book, read it in 2days !!! Love your writing, can’t wait to find your other books!!! X

    • Hey, Niki!
      Thank you! So chuffed you enjoyed my début, still can’t believe I managed to pull a whole novel out of thin air in a couple of months after winning the publishing deal! Just working on book 4 and is taking me forever, must be getting slow in my old age 😉
      Thanks so much for the shout,
      Anouska xx

  2. Gaye says:

    Hi just one problem….please can you write some more books!! I’ve just started A part of me and then I will have run out. You really are an amazing writer. Your books keep me glued to the pages and are so humorous and romantic.

    • Ah, that’s so lovely (and very generous) of you! Have you read ‘Letting You Go’? I wrote it after A Part of Me, so you might still have another to get your teeth into! My fourth book is due out in about 8 weeks and is still waiting for its official launch, but you can read a little sneaky peak about it over on my family blog:
      I will warn you though, it’s a teeny bit darker than my first three books. Hope you still like it!
      Happy New Year,
      Best wishes,
      Anouska 🙂 x

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