Thank You 2015


Can it really be? The end of another year? Already?

I blame the kids, little blighters. Never has time whipped by so fast. They’re a constant visual reminder that, despite still feeling and regularly behaving like fifteen year olds, Knighty and I are indeed notching up the years now. Our babies are constantly in change, at nine and eleven (age, not shoe size) the big two’s feet have outgrown mine this year, while the little one’s plump toddler body is giving up its wary clumsiness for balance and purpose and all those other talents that will tempt him towards independence and other unthinkable things. I can ignore my wrinkles laughter-lines in the bathroom mirror, pretend I don’t watch Country File with the same fervour I used to save for Hollyoaks, but I can’t not see it every day in my three beautiful sons, that the times they are definitely a changin.

2015 has held a lot of changes for us. There’s now a toddler in the house; a highschooler; the Knight clan’s first family hound. For a fleeting moment there was a newly retired grandparent kicking back around here too. Our home finally went on the market, Knighty and I relived happy, happy clubbing times with old friends, Swedish pals not seen since uni days came to stay, book deals were signed and all the positive optimism of the first half of the year helped buoy the reality of the second half no end. Nothing slaps your world into focus quite like illness and so 2015 has been a see-saw year for us, ups and downs of hefty degrees but from all that commotion has come a steadying and recurrent thought, that life is short, and that we really do need to stop faffing around so much.

Next year, I’d like to live bigger. I’d like to take more risks. Try more things, say ‘Sod it, I’m going to bloody well do this,’ loud and often. I’m going to care less about non-issues and non-people, concentrate on the good, the true, the decent and inspiring. I’m going to sod the dishwasher off for another chapter of what I’m reading, another song with my son, another twenty minutes in the fresh air. I’m going to add more chaos to the clan wherever I can, and hope it disappoints the easily disappointed, the uber-tidy, uber-organised, uber-safe brigade.

Changes are good, I’m hoping for plenty more in 2016 because I’m grateful for almost all of the changes 2015 held. Even the awful brings something with it but it’s NYE and I don’t have time to go into all of that and I’m pretty sure you don’t either! So because I’m trying to write this with the chaos of children, Knighty burning something and a new puppy tearing around the house, I’m going to cheat with pictures.

Happy New Year, all. Hope you can look back with fondness. Here are a few moments 2015 brought to us…








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