Briefest blogpost, ever…


A quarter of a year has just zoomed by since my last post. Unbelievable. And things are still way too flat out to squeeze enough time to go into any of it in much more in depth than this…

We became dog-owners/wranglers/lovers.

Mena’s cancer started responding to her new chemo.

Jesse started talking – ‘shark’, ‘turtle’, all good stuff.

I got braces . At 36.

Book 4 started taking shape.

We survived our first ever baby-poo-in-the-bathtub crisis. No sharks or turtles were harmed. A 9-year-old co-bathing sibling, however, was slightly adversely affected.

Mena’s cancer started outsmarting her chemo.

I got my first, and last, tattoo. At 36.

We sold our house.

Found a cottage by a canal. Imagined the kids’ childhoods punting away lazy summer days and tried to buy said cottage.

Cottage fell through. Found another renovation project. No canal, just the unique selling point of near-dereliction and likely eventual bankruptcy upon ownership.

Knighty and I temporarily moved the clan in with family brave (mental) enough to take in 2 adults, 3 boys, a rabbit and puppy. Plus boxes. Lots and lots of boxes.

Book 4 held its shape. Book 4 is still holding its shape. So far. Editor may have other ideas when she finally claps eyes on it. Parp.

Mena started a third crack at chemo.

We all developed bad backs, bowing down at her awesomeness.

And the latest big shocker… finding 5 mins amidst the chaos to write this post.

See you in the next quarter, peeps 🙂




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